Playing With Fire: Georgia’s Cautious Rapprochement With Russia
As the war in Ukraine grinds on, the notoriously troubled relationship between Georgia and Russia has, to the surprise of many, entered a new period of increased stability.
The Vilnius Summit: A Turning Point for NATO and Ukraine
Podcast host Alex Gabuev is joined by Sophia Besch, a fellow at the Carnegie Europe Program, and Eric Ciaramella, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Russia and Eurasia Program, to discuss the outcomes of the NATO summit in Vilnius.
What We Learned From Recent Calls for a Russian Nuclear Attack
The recent public discussion in Russia on using nuclear weapons against the West was really a discussion about how Moscow can extricate itself from the difficult situation in which it finds itself—and what price it is willing to pay for a victory.
Is This the End of the Road for the Ukraine Grain Deal?
Moscow has failed to turn the grain deal to its advantage, but Türkiye has plenty of leverage to convince Russia to return to its implementation.
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Could Lukashenko Accidentally Manifest an Attack on Belarus?
By imagining an attack or even an invasion, Lukashenko is increasing the risks of war coming to Belarus.
Trouble in Paradise? New Disputes Cloud Russia-Turkey Relations
As the Turkish president shifts his focus toward Kyiv, he is essentially testing Moscow’s new red lines. How firmly is Russia prepared to react in a situation where it is simultaneously fending off a Ukrainian counteroffensive and recovering from the Wagner mutiny?
Russia Looks to Economic Redistribution to Shore Up the Regime
In Russia, last year’s exodus of Western companies and Russian entrepreneurs is creating opportunities to entrench the regime, as a wartime redistribution of assets belonging to those who left the country promises to enrich what remains of the middle class and bind it to the state.
Is Russia About to Add Ideology to Its Chinese Imports?
Beijing has nothing to offer Moscow in terms of ideology, but will gladly share its ideas for the economy and political control.
Is There a Future for Russia’s Wagner Mercenary Army in Belarus?
If Putin changes his mind about Prigozhin and initiates some sort of revenge, Minsk will not be able to protect the Wagner leader, who knows that full well. Lukashenko in turn cannot believe the promises of Prigozhin, a warlord who has just betrayed his patron, to diligently follow Belarusian rules.
Is Prigozhin’s Mutiny the Nail in the Coffin for Putin’s Golden Boy, Dyumin?
Putin’s former bodyguard and current Tula governor Alexei Dyumin is eternally tipped for a position in the federal government, yet is still waiting after seven years.
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